EUFORICAST Episode 013

SiminorEuforicast 013

Tracklist: EUFORICAST 013

With Siminor

Antoine Cara & Dicko Fils – Travelers

 Catching Flies – GLY [Indigo Soul]

 Natascha Polke – Wildfire [Definition:Music]

 Monkey Safari – Ceremony [Get Physical Music]

 Herr Lang – Lelbst [Herr Lang Records]

 Joseph Crime & Matt Leger – Falling Leaves [Sekora]

 Liam Mour – If We Only Had [Ode To Youth]

 Joplyn – I WON T STAY [None Of The Above – N.O.T.A. Berlin]

 Tim Green – Lune [All Day I Dream]

 Nora Van Elken – Midsommar [Eternal Nights]

 Whomadewho & Patrice Baumel – Nefertari [Cercle Records]

 Alain Fanegas – In The Dark (Chris Luno Remix) [KOLTO]

 lycoriscoris – Shizumu [Anjuna Deep]