About Us


The electronic music family started working as an independent team in 2019. The founder of EMF is Mohammad Afshar, with the Aka name Mista Musica, who has been working in this group for 7 years in electronic music.

The primary goal of forming this team is to create culture and start the flow of electronic music for the noble people of Iran. At the time of writing this text, authentic Iranian music has lost its place among the Iranian audiences due to the transformation of the art of music into a music industry and the commercialization of a large number of pieces in the market.

The effort of the electronic music family is not only to return the real place of music to the people of Iradan, but also to familiarize the people’s ears with new and innovative pieces and to be able to untangle this intertwined market for its audience.

In the next stages, the electronic music community is trying to introduce emerging talents to the Iranian and international music market, and to make the most of all the capacities available in our beloved country, Iran, to transform music from a market form to an art form. change

It is hoped that one day we will be able to perform electronic music with the sweet taste of authentic Iranian music in international gatherings and on the biggest stages.